Who we are

Using targeted and strategic efforts to guide philanthropic bodies and non-governmental organizations, Minuf helps to ensure effective and meaningful productivity in Israel’s third sector, strengthening Israeli civil society and helping Israel become a more just, equitable, and pluralistic state.

Founded in 2002, Minuf represents outstanding organizations and foundations and forges connections between the corporate, NGO, and philanthropy worlds with the overall mission of creating a more successful, active, and thriving civil society in Israel.

Minuf’s dedicated team of professional staff is deeply committed to effecting social change in Israel. Comprised of professional fundraisers, strategic analysts, project managers, researchers, grantwriters, budget experts, online and social media experts, fluent Hebrew and English speakers, and more, all of Minuf’s staff members have a combination of technical expertise, strong management skills, and refined analytical abilities, which enables Minuf to approach its clients’ needs with creativity and out-of-the-box solutions. Minuf’s team-based approach allows clients to benefit from the wide range of expertise provided by our professional staff.


Minuf, meaning “leverage” in Hebrew, seeks out exceptional organizations to which it can contribute its fundraising expertise, sound management methodologies, knowledge of donors, and other tools it has developed, in order to secure funds and put them to good use. Minuf’s diverse staff work together as a team to problem-solve and collaborate in order to ensure the highest level of service to its clients, thereby enabling and empowering clients to be as effective as possible in the important work they do.
Minuf ’s approach is derived from its mission to strengthen Israeli civil society. Israel is in need of effective, focused organizations whose work truly impacts people’s lives and enriches communities by putting ingenuity into practice.
Be it through empowering women, advancing human rights, creating cross-community cooperation and opportunities for coexistence, working with disadvantaged youth, minorities, Israel’s peripheral communities or marginalized populations, or any other means, Israel needs organizations focused on improving Israeli society.


Minuf ‘s core values are what inspire, drive, and define Minuf’s team members, who have chosen to commit their professional path to effecting change. These standards to which Minuf’s team adheres permeate every element of the team’s work, from start to finish. Minuf’s core values include:

  • Connector.

    A passion for social change and for social justice

  • Connector.

    Making people’s voices heard

  • Connector.

    A desire to make a difference in people's lives

  • Connector.

    A commitment to excellence and professionalism

  • Connector.

    Identifying opportunities in every situation

  • Connector.

    Using highly strategic and out-of-the-box thinking

  • Connector.

    Enthusiasm about our work, including taking initiative wherever possible

  • Connector.

    Personal and professional integrity, including concern for the integrity of our clients


As consultants, the Minuf Group often has access to the inner workings of its nonprofit and foundation clients. In a field where trust and transparency are two of the most valuable economic assets an organization has, the Minuf Group holds itself to the same level of integrity as is expected of its clients. The Minuf team abides by a strict code of ethics that guides the work and the services Minuf provides at all times. By remaining ethically-minded, Minuf ensures it adheres to the highest level of professionalism and continuously pursues its commitment to promoting the growth and quality of the Israeli nonprofit sector and Israeli civil society.
The Minuf Group and each of its professionals agree to comply with the Minuf Code of Ethics in all services they provide by strictly adhering to the following practices:

1.1 Minuf Group professionals will conduct their work with honesty, integrity, fairness, good faith, and accountability. Minuf will at all times be professional and reliable. All activities will be conducted with transparency while maintaining client confidentiality and, if applicable, donor confidentiality.
1.2 The Minuf Group and its professionals will at all times avoid conflicts of interest.
1.3 The Minuf Group will not promise to perform services or deliver results which are beyond its control or capacity.
2.1 The Minuf Group and its professionals will endeavor to protect and promote the not-for-profit sector by practicing the highest standards in the team’s profession and following and promoting the Minuf Group Code of Ethics. Minuf professionals will at all times behave in a manner to enhance the reputation of the profession, of the Minuf Group, and of its clients.
2.2. The Minuf Group will conduct an extensive due diligence process before beginning to work with any client to ensure the client can benefit from Minuf’s services. The Minuf Group will only work with those clients whom it believes are in a sound financial state, and for whom working with Minuf is a sound financial decision. The Minuf Group will only work with those clients whose mission and work resonates with that of Minuf and who have a positive impact on the Israeli nonprofit sector and Israeli civil society.
3.1 Minuf Group professionals will consistently act in the best interests of their clients and their clients’ stakeholders including, if applicable, their donors. Minuf will respect the rights, privacy, and confidentiality of its clients and their stakeholders.
4.1 The Minuf Group will provide good service for fair and reasonable compensation.
4.2 The terms, conditions, and amount of fees will be determined in advance and agreed upon in writing between the client and the Minuf Group.