Minuf Increases the Impact
of Nonprofit Organizations
Working for A More Equitable
and Just Society

Minuf Increases the Impact of Nonprofit Organizations Working for A More Equitable and Just Society

Minuf has a highly professional and experienced staff with a range of expertise including resource development, technological infrastructure, social media and marketing, strategic planning, and philanthropic consulting. Together, these help nonprofit and civil society organizations reach their goals and increase their effectivity.

What We Do?

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Minuf staff tackle all aspects of resource development from A to Z. Our staff has close relations with donors and with the philanthropic world in Israel and abroad.

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We are highly adept at helping organizations apply advanced digital marketing and fund-raising capacities in novel and active ways in order to help them reach their goals.

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We design and construct websites and landing pages, platforms for donation processing, data management systems, automated marketing and digital petitions.

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We develop and implement strategic, business and marketing plans, and provide monitoring and evaluation, financial and oversees philanthropic consultancy as well as relations with government agencies and staffing services.

Advance Your Career

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Looking for your next job?

We are always on the lookout for talented and experienced resource developers with a deep understanding and familiarity with fundraising in Israel and abroad, excellent communication skills, lovers of the profession with a spark in their eyes. Send us your resume and we will update you on opportunities at Minuf and in the organizations with whom we work.


Are You Recruiting New Candidates?

Our staffing department helps organizations find candidates for in-house resource development. We can help you identify your fundraising needs and find the best person for the job. We will be by your side throughout the identification and placement process and up until your new employee’s first day on the job.

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