Fundraising Consulting

Minuf’s fundraising consultants provide clear-cut consulting to achieve your giving goals.

Whether you are concerned with your grant recipients making the best use of funds, or you want to ensure the best application and reporting structures,

Minuf’s fundraising consultants can help by providing the following assistance:

  • Providing the results of research into your organization’s subjects of interest, including activities and giving trends related to this subject the third sector.
  • Strategic planning, including assisting in building a workable strategy for giving grants.
  • Guidance in organizing matching partnerships for philanthropic initiatives
  • Publicity, including distribution of detailed information to relevant organizations
  • Assistance with suitability verification, including setting up interviews with potential grantees and continuous suitability verification before and after the process of grant allocating
  • Guiding you in evaluating programs and organizations, including verification of efficient use of granted funds, assessing the potential level of success, partnerships and more