Google Ad Grants for Non Profits

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Google Ad Grants for Non Profits

You want more visitors to your website. You want to increase your digital community. What are you waiting for?

A Google Ad Grant, where NGOs are eligible to receive $10,000/month in in-kind advertising on Google is an excellent digital marketing tool. And to help NGOs get the most out of this offer, Minuf provides the full Google Grants package to NGOs in Israel. Because promoting and advancing your organization in Google requires expert knowledge.

Minuf will make sure that your Ad is seen in the first 3 results in the Google Search. It could be your NGO, right up there on page one. Because viewers rarely go past the first page of Google results. Or even halfway down the page. Google Ads show your search ads to people who are searching Google for worthy causes like yours.

Example for Google Search Ad
Example for Google Search Ad

Benefits when you use your Google Ads Grant to the max:

  • Increase your charity’s website traffic.
  • Expose your charity to new audiences who will benefit from your worthy cause.
  • Expand your pool of supporters and advocates.
  • Grow your email list.
  • Recruit new volunteers.
  • Build a potential infrastructure for digital fundraising from new sources.

In recent years, Google has changed its criteria for receiving a grant. However, over 90% of the proposals submitted by Minuf get accepted. Our experts will submit the proposal for you, and carry it out:

  • Optimization of the search ads.
  • Synchronization of keywords for Google analytics.
  • Efficient use of the advanced functions of Google Ads.

How can Minuf help your NGO?

The process for submitting a proposal to receive a Google Grant includes several steps and it usually takes between two weeks to two months to get a final answer from Google. Once you receive your grant’s approval Minuf will start with the important work of designing your ads, and making sure that they work hard for you.

If you don’t receive the grant you will not be charged anything. And if you mention IsraelGrants, you'll receive a discount of 180NIS.

Let our experts do the work for you and make sure you receive the Grant and optimize its implementation! 
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